The “Key”

The “Key” To Five String Banjo

One of the most frequently asked questions by banjo students is, “How do you gain freedom of expression with the banjo outside of basic chords and songs?” Because most students learn by mastering separate songs from tablature, they can become stuck in that format. It inevitably limits a student to certain areas of the neck and fosters a polarized perception of the fretboard.

The necessity to perceive the banjo fretboard in its totality is what “The Key To Five String Banjo” is all about. It starts with a simple 5 note scale which enables a student to see the whole picture of the banjo neck. “The Key to Five String Banjo” is complete with downloadable MP3 exercises which not only expands a student’s physical capabilities, but also the “sound perception” of what the fretboard has to offer. Students rethink and see familiar songs with in a new and expanded awareness. The exercises contained “Key To Five String Banjo” utilize both “single string” and “across string” techniques making it useful for any style. It demonstrates the concept of “sound shapes” enabling students to train their ears toward new fingering habits and thus gaining more freedom on the banjo neck.

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