The Major Scale Song

The Major Scale Song

A key is a harmonic system based on a scale. Since there are seven different notes in a G Major Scale, there are also seven different chords and scales.

Here are the seven notes of a G Major Scale plus the octave:

G – A – B –  C – D – E – F# – G

By skipping every other note in a G Major Scale using each note as a starting point, here is the Diatonic Order of G Chord Modes with their respective scales:

By adding the seventh to each chord and organizing them using the cycle of fourths, a harmonically meaningful seven-chord progression results called, “Natural Order.”


Natural Order Scale Practice Study:

The Natural Order of chord modes demonstrates the harmonic function of modes in a chord progression. It has a song-like quality and shows how a major scale naturally harmonizes itself. Many classical as well as jazz music compositions follow this pattern. For example, the “Prelude in C” by Johann Sebastian Bach from “The Well-Tempered Clavier” and in jazz, Jerome Kern’s, “All the Things You Are.”

From the book, “Straight Ahead Jazz For Banjo” by Pat Cloud