Right Hand Warm Up #1

Right Hand Warm Up #1

Here are three right hand warm-ups which can be practiced as a single exercise. It aids to strengthen the index finger on the third and second strings.

It starts by playing an index finger on the 3rd string and a 1&5 string pinch played together four times. It is followed by a 315 index finger lead played four times (index, middle, thumb) finishing with a 1&5 pinch at the end. 

The second four measures are identical except the second string is substituted for the third string. The third line alternates the index finger on the second and third strings. Put all three lines together for a complete extended exercise. Do not look at your right hand as you play. Instead, look at the first five frets of your fretboard.

Here’s a video to show you how it’s done:




Here’s a song arrangement which uses the patterns of the above warm up:



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